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DelSymphony offers you a turnkey rental service of table centerpieces personalized as per your choices & theme

Our rental service includes the following:

  • A DELJockey onsite for 10 hours during the event
  • Choice of various personalized colors
  • Programming table centerpieces as per your requirements & theme
  • Possibility, for an additional cost, to have a customized logo or structure as per custom design installed on the top of the various table centerpieces (tubes)

See our packages below

event program

For a staggering 100% WOW effect!

You want to animate specific table centerpieces at a specific time during your event?
You want to give a rhythm to your event or simply make a splash?
Here are a few possible scenarios you may consider:

Guest arrivals
During the arrival of your guests, the various table centerpieces could be animated with colors of your choice & as per your company theme
  • Possibility to create a scenario based on a selected music by your company
  • You wish that a specific table centerpiece be animated prior to the other table centerpieces?
  • You wish that all table centerpieces be animated at a specific moment during the event?
  • Different sketches created for the event
  • During speeches, the DELJockey will turnoff all table centerpieces
Dancing evening
During the dancing evening event, the DelSymphony table centerpieces will be animated at the sound of the DJ music

All our packages are based on a minimum of 10 tables of 8 or 10 people


Package at 12.00 $ * per person

Centerpiece height of approximately 40 inches including all electronics, lights, and according to your theme


All our centerpieces are  made in Quebec.

* Transport not included.

* Assembly and disassembly included

* Depending on the region, nightly transportation costs and meal allowance to be provided.

* Additional fees if customization request such a logo. A quote will be sent at  reception of  the request

* The DelJockey included for 10 hours service.