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Be it a marriage, a corporate event or any type of other event, DelSymphony table centerpieces will certainly produce the WOW effect that you are looking for.

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Do the table centerpieces require power cables connected to the wall?

No. All our table centerpieces have a battery which provides adequate power to ensure proper operation for a period of 8 hours. Therefore, if your event starts at 18h00, the table centerpieces will operate until 2am in the morning.

Do we always require the services of a DELJockey?

For marriage & corporate events, the services of a DELJockey is essential since this person will supervise & control all animation activities of the table centerpieces as per client’s expectations & script requirements. This includes first dance, speeches, winning table, etc…

For events involving exhibitions and/or entrance arrival decors, where table centerpieces are animated in a closed-loop fashion, the services of a DELJockey may not be required, this of course, at the approval of the client. By closed-loop fashion, we mean that the table centerpieces will operate in a continuous repetitive routine as soon as they are turned-on.

What would be the height of the table centerpiece with the sphere of roses?

The height of the enclosure is 5 inches, the cylinder is approx. 40 inches & the sphere has a diameter of 15 inches, therefore total height from the tabletop would be approx. 60 inches. Of course, total height may be customized to your requirements.

What rental budget does one need to consider?

This budget will depend on several factors such as the quantity of table centerpieces required for the event, the number of desired sketches, the service of a DELJockey, travelling expenses, etc… Please let us know of your planned event in order that we may provide you with our competitive pricing. Preparation of any quotation is of course free of charge & does not bind you or commit you in any way.

One thing for sure, the budget amount will be relatively small compared to the overall budget for your event but will surely bring a tremendous WOW to the eyes of your guests!