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When art meets technology
Get the unique DelSymphony centrepieces for unforgettable events!
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A magical moment, unique & unforgettable. Your dream coming thru. Now all the finer details will be put into place to ensure a most successful reception. Having chosen the DelSymphony table centerpieces, you will create a memorable environment for your guests. Art, technology, new concept & elegance make the marriage a unique experience for all!


Your guests or your participants have expectations for the unraveling process of your event. You need to surprise them & in order to distinguish yourself, you need to offer them an event of high color & high tech. By selecting the DelSymphony table centerpieces, you will certainly create a WOW effect during the whole event.


Energize Your Events!

Del Symphony Table Center Pieces instantly set the tone and pace for your events because of their style and tempo that have been fine tuned to your special theme!

Get a Personalized Atmosphere!

To each event, its very own theme!! Del Symphony artistic Table Center Pieces have been specifically designed to fit into your theme, your colors, and the desired atmosphere: lounge, zen, energetic, classical…!

Impress Your Guest

Del Symphony Table Center Pieces have a unique and strong impact on your guests according to your request. You’re the Bandleader of your very own evening: Del Symphony programs your Table Center Pieces to fit your needs and meet your demand.

Choose the Turnkey Service!

Del Symphony electronic Table Center Pieces are customized, unique, and elegant. They are controlled by a Del Jockey during your event. Why worry about logistics? Just have fun and leave the rest up to us!

Economical Price!

A wide range of costs and needs are linked to your evening. Our Table Center Pieces represent only a small fraction of the total costs of your event, but the rate of their impact on the success of your evening by an unforgettable visual experience

Make it an unforgettable Event!

Whether it be to set tongues wagging, to get positive feedback, to promote your firm or simply to impress someone, Del Symphony Table Center Pieces will leave a lasting mark on your guests.